Felt Artists in Scotland

Christine Wallace

My first artistic love and discipline was sculpture and I have always enjoyed working in three dimensions. About twenty years ago I discovered felt making and have worked with this medium since then.

I am constantly fascinated and intrigued by the amazing versatility of felt and the wide range of effects that are possible. Currently I am working on a whole range of projects: from combining three dimensional felt with the effects of light; using poetry, both my own and other’s to inspire and inform my work; and starting with buildings and gardens as inspiration to create art works and wall hangings. As well as using wet felting I also work with an embellishing machine, dip into free machine embroidery and, if I really can’t avoid it, hand sewing.

In order to extend the courses we offer I am also exploring stitching and dyeing to achieve three dimensional effects in flat felt, and generally keeping a weather eye open for new techniques to share with others. Teaching has always been my passion and I thoroughly enjoy passing on new and extended skills to others.

Kirsty Wallacekirsty-montage-210x321

My childhood was spent on a croft in Wester Ross in an area of outstanding natural beauty, an environment that fascinated and enchanted me from an early age and which continues to inspire me today. Further inspiration comes from my love of folklore, magic and the natural word and the emotions evoked by my interaction with these elements are incorporated in much of my work.

Currently I am developing my work with felted hats, creating one-off designs using lots of texture and rich colours; making wall art that incorporates wet felted backgrounds that I then embellish with embroidery and needle felting as well as forming a three dimensional effect by stitching and padding; working on weavings using my own photographs and hand spun and dyed yarns as well as many found objects; and playing with anything else I can get my hands on!

I started a City and Guilds craft and design course in 2010 (my first venture into formal education) and thoroughly enjoyed expanding my horizons; there are still so many more techniques to learn! I finished studying in 2016 and have since continued to explore and develop my work.